Riley Ronnie O`Sullivan ORANGE FLARE Cream Butt 2pc Ash Pool Snooker Cue – 9.5mm Tip

An unique all cream butt with minimal orange decal design, suitable for both snooker and pool.
A two piece cue with spiral center joint, suitable for both snooker and pool; 9.5mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule; Grade ‘A’ North American ash shaft; BCE logo badge on the butt on the cue;
Hardwood butt painted cream with toughened varnish finish; Rubber butt protector – for added cue protection against knocks and butts;
Cue length measures approx 57.09″ (145cm); Shaft length measures approx 28.35″ (72cm); Butt length measures approx 29.13″ (74cm);
Cue weights available range from Medium to Heavy; Request a weight via message and we’ll do our best to match it!;
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Price: £32.95

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